Call number: DVD-1578

A Light in the Darkness

A film about the Volga Germans
Envoy Productions, Lutheran Hour Ministries, 1996
Producer Don Schroeder
Executive producer Allen Admire
Co-ordinating producer Sally Deval
Director Allen Admire
Screenplay Allen Admire
Photography Ken Willenger
Music David Siebels
Narrator Ralph Votrian
With the participation of: Ekaterina Schmidt, Eleanora Herdt, Zelma Hendenreich, Valentina Rodikova, Heligardt Hermann, Maria Bernhardt, Emma Steinhauer, Heinrich Hingenberg, Ekaterina Enders, Pastor Vladimir Rodikov

55 minutes
In English, German and Russian with English voiceover

Region code All
Aspect ratio
Languages English Voiceover
Features Chapter selection
Source Vision Video

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