Call number: DVD-157

Desiat´ negritiat [Ten Little Niggers]

Odesskaia kinostudiia, 1987; released 31 January 1988
Screenplay Stanislav Govorukhin, from the novel of the same name by Agatha Christie
Photography Gennadii Engstrem
Design Valentin Pidulianov
Music Nikolai Korndorf

Judge			Vladimir Zel´din
Vera Claythorn		Tat´iana Drubich
Philip Lombard		Aleksandr Kaidanovskii
William Blore		Aleksei Zharkov
Dr Armstrong		Anatolii Romashin
Miss Brant		Liudmila Maksakova
General			Mikhail Gluzskii
Mr Rogers		Aleksei Zolotnitskii
Mrs Rogers		Irina Tereshchenko
Antony Marston		Aleksandr Abdulov
129 minutes
In Russian with optional Russian and English subtitles

Region code
Aspect ratio 16: 9
Languages Menu languages: Russian and English
Optional Russian and English subtitles
Features Filmographies and biographies for the director, Stanislav Govorukhin and the actors Tat´iana Drubich, Aleksei Zharkov, Mikhail Gluzskii, Aleksandr Kaidanovskii and Aleksandr Abdulov.
The Govorukhin filmography leads to an interview, 17 minutes, in Russian without subtitles.
Source SR Digital

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