Call number: DVD-1447

KOZINTSEV, Grigorii and TRAUBERG, Leonid
Novyi Vavilon [New Babylon]
Sovkino, Leningradskaia kinofabrika, 1929; released 18 March 1929
Screenplay: Grigorii Kozintsev and Leonid Trauberg
Photography: Andrei Moskvin
Production design: Evgenii Enei
Music: Dmitrii Shostakovich
Music adapted by Frank Strobel and performed by the SWR Rundfunk Orchestr Kaiserslauten, conducted by Frank Strobel
Louise Poirier, a salesgirl  		Elena Kuz´mina
Jean, a soldier				Petr Sobolevskii
The owner of the New Babylon store	David Gutman
Actress					Sof´ia Magarill
Lutreau, a journalist			Sergei Gerasimov
Old Poiret				S. Gusev
Thérèse, a model			Ianina Zheimo
Laundrywoman				A. Glushkova
Soldier of the National Guard  	 	Evgenii Cherviakov
Old shop assistant			Andrei Kostrichkin
Girl on the barricade			A. Zarzhitskaia
Shop assistant				Vsevolod Pudovkin
94 minutes
Russian titles, optional German, English, French and Dutch subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio 4:3
Languages Menu languages: German, English, French and Dutch
Optional German, English, French and Dutch subtitles
Features Newly restored Shostakovich score
Source Absolute Medien, Arte, Stummfilm Edition, 2006

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