Call number: DVD-1422

Poruchik Kizhe [Lieutenant Kizhe]
Belgoskino, 1934; released 7 March 1934
Screenplay Iurii Tynianov, based on his story 'Podporuchik Kizhe'
Photography Arkadii Kal´tsatyi
Productin design Petr Snopkov, Konstantin Kartashev
Music Sergei Prokof´ev
Paul I				Mikhail Ianshin
Count Pahlen   			B. Gorin-Goriainov
Princess Gagarina     		Nina Shaternikova
Her companion			Sof´ia Magarill
Adjutant			Erast Garin
Commander of the Fortress 	Mikhail Rostovtsev
With:				Leonid Kmit, Andrei Kostrichkin
88 minutes
In Russian without subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio 4:3
Languages No subtitles
Features 'Informatsiia' is about the scriptwriter and author of the original text, Iurii Tynianov, text, in Russian only without subtitles
Source Vostok video, Entsiklopediia Mastera kino

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