Call number: DVD-129

Volshebnaia lampa Aladdina [Aladdin's Magic Lamp]

Tsentral´naia kinostudiia detskikh i iunosheskikh fil´mov imeni M. Gor´kogo, Pervoe tvorcheskoe ob´´edinenie, 1966; released January 1968
Screenplay Viktor Vitkovich, Grigorii Iagdfel´d, based on the tale of the same name from the Thousand and One Nights
Photography Vasilii Dul´tsev, Lev Ragozin
Music Aleksei Muravlev

Aladdin			Boris Bystrov
Princess Budur		Dodo Chogovadze
Genie			Sarry Karryev
Wicked wizard from the Maghrib
			Andrei Fait
Sultan			Otar Koberidze
Aladdin's mother	Ekaterina Verulashvili
Grand Vizier		G. Sadykhov
Most Wise Man		Georgii Milliar
Night watchman		E. Bilanishvili
Mubarak			V. Bryleev
Mustafa			Iu. Chekalaev
79 minutes
In Russian with optional dubbed versions and subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio Widescreen 1.85:1
Languages Menu languages: Russian, English and French
Optional English and French dubbed versions.
Arabic voiceover version.
Optional subtitles in Russian, English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew.
Features Under Ruscico see
1] Archive =
a] Filmographies for the director, Boris Rytsarev, the scriptwriters, Viktor Vitkovich and Grigorii Iagdfel´d, the directors of photography, Vasilii Dul´tsev and Lev Ragozin, the composer, Aleksei Murav´ev, and the actors Boris Bystrov, Andrei Fait and Georgii Milliar.
b] Photoalbum of stills from the film.
AND 2]
Museum Ruscico which includes information about genies, the wizard from the Maghrib, the magic lamp and the charmed city.
Original trailer.
Source Ruscico

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