Call number: DVD-1235

Sentimental´noe puteshestvie na Rodinu.Muzyka russkoi zhivopisi [A Sentimental Trip Home. The Music of Russian Painting]
Studiia TriTe Nikity Mikhalkova, 1996
Producer Nikita Mikhalkov
Executive producer Leonid Vereshchagin
Idea and script Nikita Mikhalkov
Director of TV Version Vitalii Maksimov
Photography Elizbar Karavaev
Production Design Vladimir Aronin
Music Eduard Artem´ev
Chief consultant Aina Polianskaia

Total running time: 269 minutes
In Russian with optional subtitles


This is DVD 1, containing

Introduction by Nikita Mikhalkov, 10 minutes


Part 1:
Fedor Rokotov - Portret Aleksandry Petrovny Struiskoi [A Portrait of Aleksandra Petrovna Struiskaia]

Aleksei Venetsianov - Utro pomeshchitsy [The Landowner's Wife's Morning]
27 minutes


Part 2:
Ivan Shishkin- Dozhd´ v dubovom lesu [Rain in the Oak Wood]

Konstantin Korovin - Portret F. Shaliapina [A Portrait of Fedor Shaliapin]
26 minutes


Part 3:
Vasilii Perov - Portret F.M. Dostoevskogo [A Portrait of Fedor Dostoevskii]

Orest Kiprenskii - Portret Evgrafa Davydova [A Portrait of Evgraf Davydov]

25 minutes


Part 4:
Il´ia Repin - Na dernovoi skameike [On a Turf Bench]

Ivan Shishkin - Polden´ bliz Moskvy [Midday Near Moscow]
27 minutes


Part 5:
Petr Fedotov - Zavtrak aristokrata [The Aristocrat's Breakfast]

Grigorii Soroka - Peizazh [Landscape]
26 minutes

DVD This is DVD 1
Region code All
Aspect ratio Standard
Languages Menu languages: Russian, English and French
Optional Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese subtitles
Features Biographies and galleries for Fedor Chaliapin, Fedor Dostoevskii, Fedor Rokotov, Aleksei Venetsianov, Ivan Shishkin, Konstantin Korovin, Vasilii Perov and Orest Kiprenskii, in the menu languages
Biographies and filmographies for the director, Nikita Mikhalkov, the director of photography, Elizbar Karavaev, the production designer, Vladimir Aronin and the producer, Leonid Vereshchagin, in the menu languages
Source Ruscico

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