Call number: DVD-1216

DEÁK, Krisztina
A Miskolci boniésklájd [Who the Hell's Bonnie and Clyde?]

Cinemá-film, with the co-operation of TV 2, 2005
Producer Gábor Garami
Screenplay Krisztina Deák, Krisztina Esztergályos, from the memoirs of Tünde Novák
Photography Tibor Máthé
Production Design Bence Erdelyi
Music Ferenc Darvas, Ibolya Oláh
Lili			Ildikó Ráczkevy	 	
Pali			Gábor Karalyos	 	
Móni			Gabriella Hámori	 	
Sanyi			Máté Haumann
94 minutes
In Hungarian with English subtitles

Region code
Aspect ratio
Languages English subtitles
Features Trailers
Source Vanguard Films

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