Call number: DVD-1206

VASIL´EV, Georgii Nikolaevich
and VASIL´EV, Sergei Dmitrievich
Front [The Front]

TsOKS, Alma Ata, 1943; released 27 December 1943
Screenplay Georgii Vasil´ev and Sergei Vasil´ev, from the play of the same name by Aleksandr Korneichuk
Photography Apollinarii Dudko
Production design B. Dubrovskii-Eshke
Music Gavriil Popov
Ivan Gorlov, Commander of the Front			Boris Zhukovskii
Ognev, Army Commander					Boris Babochkin
Kolos, Commander of the Cavalry Group			Pavel Geraga
Blagonravov, Front Chief of Staff			Boris Dmokhovskii
Gaidar, member of the military council			Lev Sverdlin
Khripun, Chief of communications at the Front		Vasilii Vanin
Udivitel´nyi, head of reconnaissance at the Front	Boris Chirkov
Gaidar, Head of the Military Council of the Front	Lev Sverdlin
Miron Gorlov, director of the aviation works		Pavel Volkov
Sergei Gorlov, Lieutenant of Guards			Nikolai Kriuchkov
Ostapenko, a guard					Boris Blinov
Shaiakhmetov, a guard					Zh. Oguzbaev
Gomelauri, a guard					N. Kostov
Bashlykov, a guard					A. Chepurnov
Marusia, a nurse					A. Petukhova
110 minutes
In Russian without subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio 4:3
Languages No subtitles
Features 'Informatsiia' is about the composer, Gavriil Popov, text, in Russian only without subtitles
Source Vostok video, Entsiklopediia Mastera kino

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