Call number: DVD-1169

SZABÓ, István
Taking Sides

MBP, Maecenas Film, Paladin Production, Studio Babelsberg present a Little Big Bear Production, in association with Jeremy Isaacs Productions, Twanpix, Satel Film, BR, MDR, ORF and France 2 Cinéma, with the participation of Canal+, FFA, Filmboard, MDM, and with the support of Eurimages, 2001
Producer Yves Pasquier
Executive producers Rainer Mockert, Jacques Rousseau, Rainer Schaper, Jeremy Isaacs, Maureen McCabe, Michael von Wolkenstein
Co-executive producers Fritz Buttenstedt, Michael Cowan, Jason Piette, David Rogers
Associate producer Gisela Waetzoldt-Hildebrandt
Associate producer for Great British Films Adam Betteridge
Supervising producer Michel Nicolini
Line producer Udo Happel
Screenplay Ronald Harwood, from his play of the same name
Photography Lajos Koltai
Production Design Ken Adam
Art Direction Anja Müller
Music Beethovem Brückner
Major Steve Arnold			Harvey Keitel	 	
Dr Wilhelm Furtwängler			Stellan Skarsgård
Lieutenant David Wills 			Moritz Bleibtreu
Emmi Straube				Birgit Minichmayr	 	
Helmut Alfred Rode, 2nd violinist	Ulrich Tukur	 	
Colonel Dymshitz			Oleg Tabakov	 	
Rudolf Otto Werner, oboist		Hanns Zischler	 	
Schlee, timpanist			Armin Rohde	 	
General Wallace 			R. Lee Ermey	 	
Captain Ed Martin			August Zirner	 	
Sergeant Adams				Daniel White	 	
Reichsminister				Thomas Thieme	 	
Colonel Green 				Jed Curtis	 	
Major Richards 				Garrick Hagon	 	
Captain Vernay				Robin Renucci	 	
Attendant 				Markus Heinicke	 	
Projectionist				Aleksander Tesla	 	
US Soldier 				Jarreth Merz	 	
Major Steve Arnold's Driver		Holger Schober	 	
French Aide				Frank Leboeuf	 	
US Aide					Philip Bowen	 	
British Sergeant 			Thomas Morris	 	
British Officer				Peter Doering	 	
Jazz Singer 				Rinat Shaham	 	
Remer					Werner Armeln	 	
Schmidt					Matthias Wilke	 	
Aide 1					Holger Jahn	 	
Aide 2					Werner Zwosta	 	
Barkeeper 1				Thomas Rösicke	 	
Barkeeper 2				Marco Riccardi	 	
Russian Aide				Jourii Babalikachvili	 	
UK Aide					Henry Schindler	 	
US Soldier				Chris Martin	 	
Stallholder				Benno Wirth	 	
Boy 1					Ron Hermann	 	
Boy 2					Valentin Tornow
And with archive footage of Wilhelm Furtwängler, Josef Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler

105 minutes
In English

On 2 DVDs

DVD This is DVD 1, which contains the film
Region code 0
Aspect ratio 16:9 Widescreen
Languages Optional English subtitles for the hearing impaired
Features Audio commentary by the author, Ronaald Harwood, the producer, Yves Pasquier and the executive producer, Rainer Mockert
Source Guerilla Films

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