Call number: DVD-1162

Sílení [Lunacy]
Athanor, C-GA Film, Bratislava, Ceska Televizje, Barrandov Studios, with the support of the State Fund of the Czech Republic for the Support and the Development of Czech Cinematography, the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, Eurimages, Media, 2006
Producer Jaromír Kallista
Co-producers Juraj Galvánek, Jaroslav Kucera, Dusan Kukal, Helena Uldrichová
Executive producer
Screenplay Jan Svankmajer, loosely based on two stories by Edgar Allan Poe
Photography Juraj Galvánek
Production Design Jan Svankmajer, Eva Svankmajerová
Animation Martin Kublák, Bedrich Glaser
Jean Berlot 			Pavel Liska	  	
Marquis				Jan Tríska	 	
Charlota			Anna Geislerová	 	
Dr Coulmiere			Martin Huba	 	
Dr Murlloppe			Jaroslav Dusek	 	
The servant Dominic		Pavel Nový	 	
Innkeeper			Stano Danciak	 	
Reciting Madman			Jirí Krytinár
118 minutes
In Czech with optional English subtitles

Region code
Aspect ratio 1.85:1 (16:9 anamorphic transfer formatted for widescreen televisions)
Languages Optional English subtitles
Features 'More Meat' leads to a] 'The making of Lunacy', in Czech with English subtitles, 14 minutes b] 'Ephemera gallery' = Behind the scenes photos and illustrated "treatment" cards c] Theatrical trailer In the box there is a print interview with Svankmajer from GreenCine
Source Zeitgeist Films

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