Call number: DVD-1136

Kosh ba kosh
Vvys´ (Moscow), Sunrise AG (Switzerland); with Euro Space (Switzerland) and Pioneer LDC Inc, Japan, 1993
Executive producer Christa Saredi
Producer Bakhtier Khudoinazarov
Screenplay Bakhtier Khudoinazarov and Leonid Makhkamov
Photography Georgii Dzalaev
Music Akhmad Bakaev

Mira			Paulina Esparza Galvez [voiced by Iuliia Tarkhova]
Daler			Daler Madzhidov
Mira's father		Bokhodur Dzhurabaev
Farhad			Alisher Kasimov
Daler's mother		Albardzhi Bakhirova
Daler's father		Rakhmonkul Kurbanov
Ibrohim			Radjab Khusseinov
Henry			Georgii Strokov
92 minutes
In Russian with optional English subtitles

Region code
Aspect ratio
Languages Optional English subtitles
Features Chapter selection
Source Tsentr Tsentral´no-Aziatskoi Kinematografii, with the financial support of the Open Society Institute, Budapest

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