Call number: DVD-1077

Spiklenci slasti [Conspirators of Pleasure]
Live action and animation
Athanor, Knoviz, Delfilm S.A., Geneva and Koninck, London, 1996
Producer Jaromir Kallista
Co-producers Pierre Assouline, Keith Griffiths
Screenplay Jan Svankmajer, from an original idea by Jan Svankmajer
Production design Eva Svankmajerová, Jan Svankmajer
Animation Bedrich Glaser and Martin Kublák
Photography Miloslav Spála
Costumes, props, set design Jan Svankmajer
Music extracts 	Georg Philipp Telemann, Leoncavallo, Ponchielli, Chaikovskii, Jankovec
Cast:		Petr Meissel, Gabriela Wilhelmová, Barbora Hrzánová,
		Anna Wetlinská, Jirí Lábus, Pavel Nový, Frantisek Polata, 
		Eva Vidimská, Ervin Tomenendál, Josef Chodora
72 minutes
No dialogue


The Jan Svankmajer - Jaromír Kallista Creative Group, a Konninck International and
Heart of Europe Co-production in association with Channel 4, 1992
Producer Jaromír Kallista
Executive producers Keith Griffiths, Michael Havas
Screenplay Jan Svankmajer
Photography Svatopluk Malý
Production design Jan Svankmajer

Cast:				Ludvik Sváb, Josef Fiala, Bedrich Glaser
17 minutes
In English

Region code
Aspect ratio
Languages English subtitles
Source Kino Video, A Zeitgeist Films Release

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