Call number: DVD-1076

Faust [English version. Czech title: Lekce Faust]
Athanor, Heart of Europe (Prague), Lumen Films, BBC Bristol, Koninck Film and Pandora Films (Frankfurt), 1994
Producer Jaromir Kallista
Executive producers Karl Baumgartner, Keith Griffiths, Michael Havas, Hengameh Panahi
BBC Executive producer Colin Rose
Script Jan Svankmajer, from Faust plays by Goethe, Christian Dietrich Grabbe, Christopher Marlowe and Czech Folk Puppeteers
English version of dialogue George Roubicek
Photography Svatopluk Maly
Production design Eva Svankmajerova and Jan Svankmajer
Animation Bedrich Glaser, Martin Kublak, Ondrej Beranek
Music Gounod and Bach
Faust				Petr Cepek
With:				Jan Kraus, Vladimir Kudla, Antonin Zaspal, Jiri Suchy
All voices by 			Andrew Sachs
92 minutes
In English

Region code
Aspect ratio
Languages In English
Features Chapter selection
Source Kino Video, A Zeitgeist Films Release

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