Call number: DVD-1075

Condor Features, Zurich, in association with Film Four International, Hessischer Rundfunk, 1988
Producer Petr-Christian Fueter
Associate producers Hannes Bressler, Paul Madden
Executive producers Keith Griffiths, Michael Havas
Screenplay Jan Svankmajer, inspired by Lewis Carroll's story Alice in Wonderland
Production design Jan Svankmajer
Art direction Eva Svankmajerová, Jirí Bláha
Animation Bedrich Glaser
Photography Svatopluk Malý
Alice			Kristýna Kohoutová
Alice's voice		Camilla Power
Live action and animation
86 minutes
English language version


Tma, svetlo, tma [Darkness, Light, Darkness]
Kratky film, Studio J. Trnky, 1989
Screenplay Jan Svankmajer
Production design Jan Svankmajer
Photography Miroslav Spála
Animation Bedrich Glaser

7½ minutes
No dialogue

Region code
Aspect ratio
Languages English subtitles
Features Chapter selection for Alice
Source First Run Features

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