Call number: DVD-1066

VARLAMOV, Mito and LOMIDZE, Grigorii
Druz´ia iz tabora [Friends from the Camp]

Soiuzdetfil´m, 1938; released 15 June 1938
Script Lev Kassil´, Mikhail Iudin
Photography Aleksei Seliankin
Production design I. Stepanov
Music Iurii Nikol´skii
Song lyrics L. Shersher
Iasha Sheverdin			Kolia Smorchkov
Mother				Natal´ia Efron
Father				I. Kozlov
Mozhaev, Commander of the 
  brigade of Tula workers	Sergei Vecheslov
Assistant Commander Kuz´mich	Vladimir Dorofeev
Fighting cook			Nikolai Gorlov
Fighter				S. Nikonov
Kazberiuk, a sailor-fighter	N. Arskii
Golovin, Commander of the 
  White squadron		Sergei Martinson
55 minutes
In Russian without subtitles


Poslednii tabor [The Last Camp]

Mezhrabpomfil´m, 1935; released 2 March 1936; restored 1968
Screenplay Z. Markina, M. Vitukhnovskii
Photography N. Prozorovskii
Production deisng S. Kozlovskii, B. Desnitskii
Music G. Lobachev

Danilo, the camp driver		A. Granakh
Iudko				N. Mordvinov
Tira, his wife			M. Sinel´nikova
Al´ta, their daughter		L. Chernaia
Ivan Likho, instructor in a 
  settled way of life		M. Ianshin
Chairman of the sovkhoz		F. Blazhevich
Ganna				E. Rogulina
Sen´ka, a groom			P. Savin
Young gysies			S. Khmara, S. Kelesidi
Judges				F. Ivanov, I. Kozlov
Artistes of the "Romen" Theatre (choirs and dancers)
78 minutes
In Russian without subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio 4:3
Languages No subtitles
Features 'Informatsiia' is about Lev Kassil´, text, in Russian only
Source Vostok video, Entsiklopediia Mastera kino

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