Call number: DVD-1048

Pikovaia dama [The Queen of Spades] [La Dame de Pique]
I. Ermol´ev Company, 1916; released 19 April 1916
Script Iakov Protazanov, Fedor Otsep, from the story by Pushkin
Assistant director Georgii Azagarov
Photography Evgenii Slavinskii
Art direction Vladimir Balliuzek, S. Lilienberg, W. Przybytniewski
German				Ivan Mozzhukhin
Liza				Vera Orlova
The countess			Elizaveta Shebueva
The countess in her youth  	T. Duvan
The count			Polikarp Pavlov
Count Saint-Germain   		Nikolai Panov
63 minutes
Russian titles, French subtitles, added music track

Region code 2
Aspect ratio 4:3
Languages French subtitles
Features 'Tout sur le film', text, in French, contains the credits and a synopsis of the film
'Piotr Chardynine' text, in French, is a biography and filmography of Petr Chardynin
Source Bach Films

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