Call number: DVD-1033

LOPEZ-LINARES, José Luis and RIOYO, Javier
Asaltar los cielos [Storm the Skies]
A film about the assassination of Trotskii
Cero en Conducta, with the participation of Televisión Española, MAP TV and Canal+ Españ'a, 1996
Producer Frida Torresblanco, Victor Andresco, Silvia Martinez
Executive producer José Luis Lopez-Linares
Line producer Frida Torresblanco
Script José Luis Lopez-Linares, Javier Rioyo
Music Alberto Iglesias, Cuco Pérez
Narrator Charo López
Interviews with Laura Mercader, Elena Poniatowska, Gay Mercader and others
94 minutes
In Spanish with optional English subtitles

Region code 1
Aspect ratio
Languages Optional English subtitles
Features Trailer
Photo Gallery
Source Cinemateca, Facets Video

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