Call number: DVD-1028

FÍLA, Ivan
König der Diebe [King of Thieves]
Lichtblick Filmproduktion, Charlie's, Slavia Capital, in co-production with In Film Praha, Ivan Fíla Filmproduktion, Mast-Productions, Wega Film, Arte France Cinéma, ZDF/Arte, 2003
Producers Helga Bähr, Rudolf Biermann, Ivan Fíla
Screenplay Ivan Fíla
Photography Vladimír Smutný
Production Design Horst Furcht, Martin Martinec, Viera Dandová
Music Michael Kocáb

Caruso 			Lazar Ristovski	 	
Barbu 			Yasha Kultiasov
Julie 			Katharina Thalbach	 	
Mimma			Julia Khanverdieva	 	
Marcel			Oktay Özdemir	 	
Kardinal		Paulus Manker	 	
Birol			Birol Ünel	 	
Woman Police Officer	Imogen Kogge	 	
Bianca 			Yasemin Büyüksapci
Dimo 			Manfred Witt	 	
Barbu's Father 		Viktor Benzler	 	
Poker Player 		Axel Neumann	 	
Ali 			Motamedi	 	
Kids by Caruso 		Lucia Ádyová, Petra Hácková,
			Jan Tancos, Martin Toth
Smuggler 		Ivica Kostric	 	
Young Caruso		Marko Igonda	 	
Young Julie		Anna Thalbach	 	
Interpreter		Alexandre Levit	 	
Tug 			Ivan Ruppeldt	 	
Bear tamer 		Jirí Berousek
Go Go Girl 		Janet	 	
Acrobats		Jane Frances Huxley, Andreas Evangelou,
			Anthony Harry Somers	 
Mucki			Werner Dähn
109 minutes
In German and Russian with optional English and Spanish subtitles

Region code 1
Aspect ratio Widescreen
Languages Optional English and Spanish subtitles
Features Trailer
Documentary featurette; 'Director Ivan Fíla in the Czech Republic', in English
Source Picture This!

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