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UCL Library Services holds printed, manuscript and archival collections of Hebraica and Judaica which are of national and international importance. The core of the collection was the Library of the philanthropist, scholar and community leader Frederic David Mocatta, deposited in 1905 by the Jewish Historical Society. The libraries of Sir Moses Montefiore, Moses Gaster, Hermann Gollancz, Israel Abrahams and Lucien Wolf were added before enemy action in 1940 destroyed much of the collections, apart from the rare books and manuscript material which was stored safely in the National Library of Wales. The main library collection was rebuilt from many sources, including the Salomons collections from the Guildhall Library, the collections of Asher Myers and Alexander Altmann were added later.

The Jewish Studies special collections include two of the most valuable illuminated manuscripts in the Library, an extremely rare 14th century Castilian Haggadah and a 16th century Mahzor, as well as eight incunabula including a 1480 edition of Summaripa's Martyrium Sebastiani.