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Brougham Papers

Over 60,000 letters

Correspondence and papers of Henry Peter Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham & Vaux (1778-1868),Lord Chancellor 1830-1834. The collection also includes the correspondence of Henry Brougham's brother William Brougham, 2nd BaronBrougham & Vaux (1795-1886), and of two other brothers, James Brougham (1780-1833) and John Waugh Brougham (1785-1829). There are also papers relating to the Brougham estates in Westmorland, and to Henry Brougham's estate in Cannes. The papers cover the years 1810-1886.

A name index to the papers of Henry Brougham is available at Special Collections, giving a summary of the contents of each letter.