Where can I study?

Current disruptions

Main Library

Wilkins Terrace Project

UCL Main Library users may experience noise disturbances in reading rooms from works taking place on the UCL Wilkins Terrace project site.

Works are taking place to extend and refurbish the UCL Lower Refectory and to construct the new Portland stone Upper Terrace. Current works include the construction of service ‘Tunnel A ‘ for the project, close to the JBR, and steelworks in the area of the old Physics Yard.

Note: The period leading up to the 21st September 2015 is expected to be a particularly noisy period on the site. This is due to the ‘tunnel A’ works.

Working hours on site are between 06:00 and 21:00.

Window repair works, ongoing

Over the next few weeks there will be window repair works taking place on Main Library windows overlooking the Main Quad. A team of abseilers will be working on the outside of the building. Library users may see an abseiler working outside a reading room window!

Science Library

Computer clusters refurbishment- 21st August - 18th September

From 21st August 2015 – 18th September 2015 the computer clusters on the ground floor of the Science Library are going to be closed for refurbishment.

The refurbished clusters will be providing an additional 56 computer spaces, new desks, new all-in-one PCs and electrics.

A list of alternative computer clusters can be found on the ISD website. Please just ask a member of staff if you need help.

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