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Policies & funders' expectations

This section contains information on UCL Research Data Policy, funders' expectations on data management, Data Management Plans and costs associated with data management.

Policies & funders' expectations

UCL Research Data Policy

UCL Research Data Policy sets out UCL's expectations around the management and sharing of data created by UCL researchers.

" The purpose of this Policy is to provide a framework to define the responsibilities of all UCL members and to guide researchers and students in how to manage the data, enabling research data to be maintained and preserved as a first class research object and made available to the widest possible audience for the highest possible impact. UCL Research Data Policy

All UCL researchers, supervisors and Principal Investigators should read the Policy and share it with colleagues and students where relevant.

The UCL Research Integrity website provides a list of all UCL policies, statements and codes of conduct related to research, including on issues such as ethics, research collaboration, information security and data protection.

Research funders: data policies & expectations

Check our list of research funders to read their official documents on Research Data Management, to understand their expectations and to find help to comply with them. 

Writing a Data Management Plan

Find out what to write in the Data Management Plan that you should prepare as part of your research project and grant application.

Costing & funding data management

Find key information to anticipate and meet costs associated with Research Data Management. This will help in developing your project budget and in complying with funders' expectations.