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Writing a Data Management Plan

When developing a project or applying for funding you are likely to need a Data Management Plan.

Writing a Data Management Plan

A Data Management Plan will help you identify the decisions that must be made regarding your data throughout your project.

This section contains information on the content and purpose of Data Management Plans. You will also find tools, examples and support to help you write your Plans.

What is a Data Management Plan and do I need one?

A Data Management Plan is simply a 1 to 2-page summary explaining how you are planning to manage the data gathered in the course of your project. It should address the following questions:

1. what type of data will you collect and how will you describe them?
2. how will you store and keep secure your data?
3. will you be allowed to give access to your data once the project is completed? who will be able to access them, under what conditions and for how long?

More and more funders are asking researchers to submit a Data Management Plan as part of their grant applications. Check if this is one of your funder's requirements.

A generic UCL template is also available for staff and students to use:

Why are Data Management Plans useful?

In addition to often being a prerequisite to receiving grants, such Plans are useful for:

These Plans can also help research students plan ahead for their project; we have created a template for UCL PG students.

DMPOnline & examples

DMPonline, a free tool created by the DCC, provides a framework for creating your Data Management Plan. UCL guidance is now incorporated into DMPonline; see our information to find further guidance on using the tool.

Several universities have shared the following examples of Plans.

Links to Data Management Plans
Research fundersExamples
BBSRC Data Management Plan1 Plan
ESRC Data Management Plan1 Plan (Psychology)
2 Plans (Social sciences)
1 Plan
MRC Data Management Plan1 Plan
NSF Data Management Plan5 Plans
Wellcome Trust Data Management Plan1 Plan

Help to write and review your Plans

For more help and advice, contact your Research Data Support Officers who can also review drafted UCL Data Management Plans if you send them in advance of submission (allow 1 to 2 weeks at least before your submission deadline).