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Open Access Videos

This page is a collection of videos for UCL researchers, explaining open access and demonstrating features in RPS (UCL's Research Publications Service).

Open Access at UCL 

What is open access?

This short overview of open access covers: what open access is and why it is important, the differences between Green and Gold open access, fully open access and hybrid journals, and UCL's transformative agreements with publishers. 

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UCL's Research Publications Service (RPS) 

These videos introduce and demonstrate key features in RPS. 

What is RPS? 

This video is an introduction to RPS for UCL researchers and outlines: how RPS finds records of publications, how to manually add publication records, how publications appear on researcher's public IRIS profiles, uploading papers for the REF and making them open access in UCL's repository, and claiming publications automatically using ORCID and other identifiers. 

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    Claiming and adding publications in RPS

    This video demonstrates how to add a new publication record to your profile by either claiming a record that is already in RPS, searching for and claiming a record from external databases (Scopus, Web of Science etc.), or manually adding a publication record (if RPS can't find one for you to claim). 

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    Uploading in RPS

    This video is a step-by-step demonstration of how to upload your manuscript to a publication's record in RPS, in order to make it open access in UCL's open access repository. 

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