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Open access and Horizon 2020 projects

Horizon 2020 grant holders must ensure open access to all peer-reviewed publications resulting from funded research.

Horizon 2020

Researchers can comply with the Horizon 2020 policy through Green or Gold open access.

Gold open access charges are eligible costs to Horizon 2020 grants. You will need to indicate expected costs in your grant proposal - contact UCL's Open Access Team for help estimating them. 

Before submission, check that your publisher's embargo on open access in a repository is no longer than 6 months (12 for Social Sciences and Humanities), or that there is a Gold open access option.


Provided your publisher's embargo is no longer than 6 months (12 for Social Sciences and Humanities), you can comply by depositing your final accepted manuscript in an open access repository. It is best practice to deposit in UCL Discovery on acceptance. To comply with the Horizon 2020 policy, the latest time for deposit is the date of publication. This will also make you compliant with the REF open access policy.

Gold (paid) open access

  • Pay the open access charges from your grant (monographs are also eligible)
  • Deposit your final published version in UCL Discovery upon publication.

When you deposit your paper in UCL Discovery, include the following information:

  • the terms ["European Union (EU)" and "Horizon 2020"] or ["Euratom" and Euratom research and training programme 2014-2018"];
  • the name of the Horizon 2020 action, acronym and grant number;
  • the publication date, and length of embargo period if applicable

More information

The factsheets below provide more information on the Horizon 2020 Open Access Mandate and Open Research Data Pilot, and how to comply: 

You can also contact the Open Access Team for help.