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Electronic resources for NHS staff and students

Information about registering for an NHS OpenAthens account and how to access e-resources in the library and from the desktop.

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NHS OpenAthens registration

Who can register?

Any member of staff working within the NHS may register for a personal NHS OpenAthens account online using the registration form available.

Alternatively, NHS staff may refer to the NHS OpenAthens administrator at their local library for further information. If forgotten, NHS OpenAthens passwords can be reset.

UCL Medical Students are entitled to a student NHS OpenAthens account providing access to NHS England core content resources. When students are on placement or attachment with an NHS organisation in England they may register for a personal NHS OpenAthens account providing access to additional local content.

Electronic resources available using an NHS OpenAthens account

A range of electronic resources are accessible with a personal NHS OpenAthens account from NICE Evidence Search.

Evidence Search provides access to several collections of guidelines and evidence based reviews, as well as medical images and medicines resources, including the apps for the British National Formulary and the British National Formulary for Children.

Evidence Search also provides access to resources including:

  • Databases: AMED, British Nursing Index (BNI), CINAHL, Embase, Emcare, HMIC, Medline, PsycINFO
  • Full text electronic journal collections: BMJ Journals, Proquest Health Research Premium Collection, PsycARTICLES, Psychology and Behavioral Science Collection
  • Evidence-based resources: BMJ Best Practice, the Cochrane Library, Transfusion Evidence Library 

For information about additional resources available at your local Trust, please contact your nearest UCL home library.

UCL-procured electronic resources supporting the NHS

A significant number of resources are licensed through UCL Library Services that are accessible using a personal NHS OpenAthens account, directly from the desktop at your workplace or at home.

These currently include:

BMJ Publishing Group

BMJ Case Reports - an award winning journal that delivers a focused, peer-reviewed, valuable collection of cases in all disciplines so that healthcare professionals, researchers and others can easily find clinically important information on common and rare conditions.

Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin - provides independent and rigorous evaluations of, and practical advice on, individual treatments and the overall management of disease for doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. The journal's aim is to provide informed and unbiased information on medical conditions, medicines and other treatments to enable readers to make informed choices and ensure patients get the best care.

An NHS OpenAthens account is required to access these resources.


There are 260 ebooks accessible through Books@Ovid, including the Doody's collections, with all specialities covered. Key titles include:

  • Bonica's Management of Pain;
  • Devita, Hellman, and Rosenberg's Cancer : Principles & Practice of Oncology;
  • Rockwood and Green's Fractures in Adults;
  • Rockwood and Wilkins' Fractures in Children.

For NHS access to Books@Ovid, follow this link and click on 'Books' in the top blue menu bar to see the full A-Z list - an NHS OpenAthens account is required for access.

Emcare (Ovid)

Indexes over 3,700 journals back to 1995, covering all nursing specialties and nursing healthcare professions. The database includes international coverage and unique content not found in other nursing and allied health databases, including more than a thousand journals not covered by Embase.

NHS access to Emcare - an NHS OpenAthens account is required for access.

Emerald Journals

Emerald Insight includes high quality journals from around the world covering a great range of subject areas, particularly relevant are Health & Social Care and Management.

NHS access to Emeral Journals - an NHS OpenAthens account is required for access.

EndNote Web

EndNote is a package for collecting and organising reference information and for citing references in a Word document. It enables you to cite references and produce a bibliography automatically in a preferred style and is especially useful for those writing papers and conducting systematic reviews.

Please enquire with your Trust as to whether they have a license for staff use of EndNote. For Trusts which have not purchased an EndNote license staff will need to purchase a license themselves from the EndNote website.

However, an alternative is to use the online version of EndNote for free (though note that it has reduced functionality). NHS staff who register with UCL libraries can access an enhanced version of EndNote online as part of the UCL license. To do this:

  • use a UCL walk-in computer (in the library);
  • open the database Web of Science (please ask for help if you are not sure how to do this);
  • within Web of Science, click EndNote at the top of the screen and then register;
  • when you have registered, use http://my.endnote.com from any computer;
  • remember to refresh the enhanced access each year by logging in again from a UCL Library walk-in computer.
Health and Psychosocial Instruments (HaPI)

Database providing access to a large number of health and psychological tests and scales.

NHS access to HaPI- an NHS OpenAthens account is required for access.

IOS Press journals

Access is for a collection of 105 IOS Press journals, approximately 50% of which are biomedical. These include titles as diverse as:

  • Advances in Neuroimmune Biology;
  • Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation;
  • Human Antibodies;
  • The International Journal of Risk and Safety in Medicine;
  • Journal of Parkinson's Disease;
  • Pharmaceuticals Policy and Law;
  • Physiotherapy Practice and Research.

Currently NHS access to IOS Press journals is only for Trusts that can provide IP access:

  • Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust;
  • Royal National Orthopaedics Hospitals NHS Trust;
  • University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments)

Currently NHS access to JoVE is only for Trusts that can provide IP access:

  • Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust;
  • Royal National Orthopaedic Hospitals NHS Trust;
  • University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
MA Healthcare Journals

Access to the full collection of healthcare journals, including the following titles:

  • British Journal of Healthcare Assistants;
  • British Journal of Healthcare Management;
  • British Journal of Hospital Medicine;
  • British Journal of Nursing;
  • International Journal of Ophthalmic Practice;
  • International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation;
  • Journal of Renal Nursing and Practice Nursing.

NHS access to MA Healthcare journals - an NHS OpenAthens account is required for access.

New England Journal of Medicine

Access to the full text without any date restrictions. NEJM is the world's leading medical journal providing access to research articles and interactive clinical content to help inform health care delivery and improve patient outcomes.

You can access the journal by visiting https://www.nejm.org/ directly from Trust-networked computers (UCLH, Royal Free London or RNOH only), or from any computer for any UCL Partner Trust via an NHS OpenAthens account.

Oxford Medicine Online e-book collection

Over 700 Oxford Handbooks and Textbooks, as well as additional ebook titles, including:

  • the Oxford Handbook for the Foundation Programme;
  • the Oxford Textbook of Medicine;
  • the Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry;
  • the Oxford Textbook of Public Health.

NHS access to Oxford Medicine Online - an NHS OpenAthens account is required for access.

Oxford University Press journals collection
Around 80 titles from OUP. All are current subscriptions, with no embargo.

NHS access to OUP journals collection - an NHS OpenAthens account is required for access.


    Access is available to the Thieme journals and ebooks collections including the following titles:

    • Facial Plastic Surgery;
    • Hormone and Metabolic Research;
    • Seminars in Hearing;
    • Seminars in Liver Disease;
    • Journal of Neurological Surgery;
    • Seminars in Plastic Surgery;
    • Seminars in Speech and Language;
    • Zeitschrift für Gastroenterologie.

    NHS access to Thieme - an NHS OpenAthens account is required for access.

    Visible Body: Human Anatomy Atlas

    Visible Body is a 3D interactive anatomy visualization and education tool. The Human Anatomy Atlas modules includes all body systems, gross anatomy, and select microanatomy.

    NHS access to Visible Body: Human Anatomy Atlas - an NHS OpenAthens account is required for access. When accessing Visible Body through a web browser we recommend using either Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

    If you would like to download and use the app for mobile device access please visit your nearest UCL home library and ask library staff for assistance.

    Please note that Visible Body is not compatible with Internet Explorer, please use an alternative browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari v10 or later). More details are available on the Visible Body support pages: system requirements and troubleshooting.

    Your Journals@Ovid

    Lippincott journals Around 250 titles are available though this route. All are current subscriptions, with no embargo.

    NHS access to Journals@Ovid - an NHS OpenAthens account is required for access.

    In-library access to UCL's electronic resources

    NHS library members can access the full range of licensed UCL Library Services electronic journals from dedicated computers (Explore Access Points) located within UCL libraries. Over 80,000 full-text electronic journal titles are available, a significant proportion of which are medical and healthcare related.

    UCL's electronic books may also be accessed through the Explore Access Points. To see which ones are available search Explore, limit the search to Library catalogue and follow the View online links.

    A number of databases and full-text e-resources (over and above those available via NHS OpenAthens) are also available for searching from the Explore Access Points, including:

    • Biosis;
    • Scopus;
    • Social Policy and Practice;
    • Web of Science.

    *Note: Users may save copies of documents to their own unencrypted USB storage device (devices using encrypted software cannot be used on Explore Access Point computers). Printing is not currently possible from the Explore Access Points, although users may find that printing is provided from other computers at their local library. 

    Open Access for NHS

    UCL Discovery Plus

    UCL Discovery Plus is an Open Access service for staff at UCL's partner NHS Trusts and Whittington Hospital NHS Trust. Open Access maximises the dissemination and visibility of research outputs (articles, proceedings, datasets, book chapters, working papers and more) worldwide with no payment barriers, so everyone can access them free of charge, wherever possible. All publications that are deposited in UCL Discovery Plus will also be found through Google searches, since Discovery is indexed by Google.

    BMJ Case Reports

    For UCL's partner NHS Trusts, authors wishing to submit an article to BMJ Case Reports for publication should contact their home library for the relevant fellowship code.