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Library achieves T100 safety status

18 January 2023

Library, Culture, Collections and Open Science (LCCOS) is the first department across UCL to achieve the T100 Lite baseline status.


Achieving the T100 Lite baseline is a significant achievement indicating that LCCOS takes safety seriously and makes it a priority.

T100 Lite was introduced across UCL as a meaningful and proportionate safety management system. It is evidence led, allowing departments to meet and maintain UCL’s Health and Safety Policy.

T100 uses a number of defined areas consistent with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Higher Education guidance and is based on practical measures to promote continuous improvement in health and safety.

Dr Patrick Ward, Interim Executive Director of Health & Safety, congratulated LCCOS on this milestone and conveys his thanks to everyone involved for your hard work and support. 

Noel Forrester, Departmental Safety Officer, said

"I would like to thank everyone involved who was involved in assisting LCCOS achieving the T100 Lite baseline status. We can be justly proud of our achievement but this is just the start of the road for continuous improvement and development in safety."

T100 at UCL

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