Library Services


Extended opening in the run-up to exams

11 December 2015

During the 2016 exam revision period a number of our libraries will be open for extended hours.

Students studying in the UCL Main Library in the Wilkins building, viewed from above.

From March 2016, the Main Library, the Science Library and the Cruciform Hub will be open 24/7 for 11 weeks in the run-up to exams and during the exam revision period.

Students have told us, through the National Student Survey, that they would like our libraries to be open longer. The new arrangement will make UCL one of the top universities in the country for 24-hour library access during exam time.

Opening times

Commencing Thursday 24th March, all 3 sites will be open 24/7 until 21:00 on Saturday 11th June 2016 - including the Easter vacation and on the May Bank Holiday.

The libraries will be monitored by UCL Security and self-service facilities will be available for borrowing and returning books.

Staffed services will remain unchanged, except for the Easter vacation and Bank Holiday, where there will be no staffed services (self-service will be available).

UCL's two largest libraries, the Science Library and the Main Library, as well as the Cruciform Hub, are already open from Monday morning through to Saturday evening. Currently, the libraries close from 9pm on Saturday until 11am on Sunday, and from 9pm on Sunday until 8:45am on Monday.

In addition to this, the Chadwick computer cluster, which has 22 computers, will be open through the Christmas closure period, in addition to the Roof Garden Hub (which is open to all UCL students) and the Graduate Hub (open to postgraduate students).

Professor Anthony Smith, who as Vice-Provost for Education and Student Affairs oversees the student experience, said:

"We have listened to what students told us in the National Student Survey and other surveys and acted on this."

Dr Paul Ayris, Director of Library Services said:

"24-hour opening gives students the opportunity to study what they want when they want, and supports varying learning styles and patterns. Our students have told us they want to be able to study at our libraries at a time convenient to them, and I am pleased to say that we are now able to offer them the choice to study on campus at any time."

Wahida Samie, UCLU Education and Campaign Officer commented:

"This is a huge achievement for the student body. For years we have been campaigning for 24/7 library opening and this is the first time that UCL will provide this service for one of the most intense periods of the year. It is great to see UCLU and UCL working together to ensure that our students get the best experience from their time here."