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Main Library: History reading room tables upgrade, 2013

11 December 2013

UCL Library Services is working to improve the study environment. As part of a phased plan to upgrade furniture, we are replacing the Main Library 2nd floor History reading room mismatched tables.

Main Library desks

The tables have been collected over the years and will be replaced with tables in keeping with the historical nature of the building. Any original Richardson tables (with the leather tops) are being retained. This work will also result in a modest increase in numbers of study places in the corridor. On Monday 16/12, defunct tables will be removed. From Tuesday 17/12, the new tables (which will also have power sockets for laptop users) will be installed and connected to the building's electrics. Work will be completed by Friday 20/12.

Provision is being made for table-top lighting, which will be added to the new tables in future.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope that you will enjoy the new facilities.