Library Services


What do I need to bring with me?

Information for all non-UCL users (including UCL Alumni) on what to bring with you when applying to use UCL Library Services. Without these documents we will not be able to accept your application.

All non-UCL users (including UCL Alumni) applying for access to UCL Library Services must produce:

  • proof of address (home and institutional, where relevant) AND
  • photographic proof of identity AND
  • credentials to indicate status / eligibility for library use (e.g. SCONUL Access Band 'A' confirmation email, UCL Alumni Association card), when making their application

Acceptable proof of identity is:

  1. Valid photocard driving licence
  2. Valid passport
  3. Institutional photo ID card from another Higher Education Institution
  4. Institutional photo ID card from an M25 scheme affiliated Institution
  5. Institutional photo ID card from one of UCL's affiliated NHS trusts
  6. Valid British Library ID card

Acceptable proof of institutional address is:

  1. Institutional photo ID card from another Higher Education Institution
  2. Institutional photo ID card from an M25 scheme affiliated Institution
  3. Institutional photo ID card from one of UCL's affiliated NHS trusts

Acceptable proof of home address is:

  1. Recent utility / council tax bill (no more than three months old)
  2. Recent bank statement (no more than three months old)
  3. Valid photocard driving licence

Applications will not be accepted without sufficient proof of identity and address. One form of ID can fill more than one role (eg. a photocard driving licence is acceptable both as proof of identity and address). Documents present must be the originals (photocopies are not acceptable). Please note that if your status and eligibility is not clear from the presented documentation, you will be asked to produce additional credentials to confirm (eg. official enrolment certificate from one's home institution). This includes students from other Universities where the department and/or degree studied are not indicated on the Student ID card.

Documents must be readily understandable to an English-speaking person.