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Virtual Learning Spaces for Students

The Virtual Learning Spaces for Students trial provides access to an online "study room" for UCL students.

Log into a Virtual Learning Space

When accessing these spaces you must follow the correct way to sign into your UCL Zoom account.

Silent space

Start session

  • For studying individually in a shared space with others studying individually.
  • You can choose to change your on-screen name if you don't wish for other users to know your name.
  • No chat function and no audio.

Social space

Start session

  • For studying individually, but with the option to chat (via text) with others.  
  • Your name will be on-screen.
  • Chat function, no audio.


We welcome your feedback during the trial. Please let us know what you think about the virtual rooms by completing the feedback form.

Take part in our survey of online tools for study and collaboration

Would you like to take part in a short survey on your experience of using virtual learning spaces when you might not have been able to access the campus libraries - what you enjoyed about using these study and learning spaces, how we might improve them and if you would like to be able to continue using them after return to campus?

We are offering a £10 Waterstones voucher for the first 100 participants to complete the survey.

Share your experience with us »

Virtual learning spaces background

The Virtual Learning Spaces for Students trial provides access to an online "study room" for UCL students weekdays 10.00-21.00.

At the end of 2020, we conducted a large-scale survey at UCL to find out how students and staff were coping. We then asked them what they would like most if they have to continue studying online and also when they return to campus. 627 students and staff responded to the survey, coming from all parts of the university, reporting on their experiences when learning and teaching during lockdown.

A main finding was that new students and staff found it difficult to initiate and develop informal social connections. Without the ability to access the physical campus and interact, members of the UCL community felt they were missing out on what is taking place socially, and the opportunity to reach out to new people and serendipitous interactions. Many students also found it difficult to focus on their studying when at home, alone.  

This year, in addition to re-opening our library sites, we are trialling a new type of learning space, where you can use a virtual study room, with other UCL students who are revising or working on assignments. Each room is monitored by Library Services staff, and we are trialling some rooms with chat functionality and some without.

About the service

The Virtual Learning Spaces can be used by any UCL student. You do not need to book beforehand.

Session Duration

The virtual rooms may be accessed daily, Monday to Friday between 10:00 - 21:00.

PhD Writing Time, 10:00 - 12:00 Thursdays

Work together, remotely, with peers and colleagues from across UCL in an online PhD writing session taking place on UCL’s social Virtual Learning Space every Thursday, 10:00 - 12:00 until the trial ends.


Each time you enter a virtual room, you are expected to follow UCL's Netiquette guidance.

We must all work together to make sure that everyone can make the most of the virtual rooms and treat each other with the same respect and politeness as we would in a physical library site.

Please note that individuals who do not follow the Netiquette guidance may be removed, or the rooms will be closed if students do not follow the terms of use.

Contact us

The rooms will always be hosted and monitored by a member of Library staff who you can contact if you have any queries or need help.

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