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Services for external researchers and members of the public

The Action on Hearing Loss Library is intended to help anybody interested in deafness and hearing loss by helping to locate appropriate research and then making that research available.

UCL Ear Institute & Action on Hearing Loss Libraries

If you have a question about, or are researching any subject relating to hearing, hearing loss and deafness, signed languages, education of deaf children or Deaf culture and history, please contact us.

If you have a specific question about the availability of services and support for deaf and hard of hearing people, or if you are suffering with tinnitus, we recommend that you contact our colleagues at the Action on Hearing Loss Information Helpline in the first instance.

Reading Lists

The Action on Hearing Loss Library has a number of prepared reading lists of bibliographic references on commonly researched topics available. At present reading lists can be requested by contacting the Action on Hearing Loss Library. Lists will be made available for download from this site in due course.

Reading lists can be prepared on request for topics that are not covered by one of our existing lists, and that fall within the subject areas covered by the Action on Hearing Loss Library.

Please be aware that our reading lists are designed to be general introductions to the information that exists and are based upon materials held by the Action on Hearing Loss Library. Health professionals and students looking for comprehensive literature searches of all scholarly communication should contact their own library services in the first instance.

Document Supply Service

The Action on Hearing Loss Library offers a national postal document supply service from library stock for any member of the public with an interest in researching deaf studies, or related topics covered by the Action on Hearing Loss Library.

Photocopies cost £3.00 per article, and will be supplied on receipt of a signed copyright declaration request form. Please note that we cannot accept copies of this form returned electronically. The form is available on request from the Action on Hearing Loss Library by post or e-mail, or can be downloaded here.

An invoice will be supplied with the photocopies. Payment can be made by cheque, made payable to University College London, in postage stamps, or by cash in person at the Action on Hearing Loss Library.


Please submit your enquiry to us and include your email or telephone details.