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Online induction

Our online induction is your essential first step to using UCL's libraries, including all the resources and services available.

'Getting Started with UCL Library Services: Online Induction' introduces everything you need to know to get started with accessing and using library resources, online and in our libraries, the services available to you remotely and on site, and training and support that is available.

If using a computer, please navigate through the tutorial using the Next and Previous buttons. If you are using a phone or tablet then you can also swipe left or right.

Explore the areas that interest you, or work through the whole induction (20-25 minutes). You can leave the induction and come back where you left off.

Getting started with UCL Library Services: Online induction

Audio version

Please note, sound is not necessary on your device as captions are available. Use the volume control to mute the sound and the closed captions icon to turn captions on or off.

No audio version

This version has a transcript instead of audio, for screen-reader users. Use the tab key to progress through each slide with your screen-reader software. When navigating using the tab key, the transcript for each slide, including for embedded videos, is available after the slide navigation buttons, Previous and Next. Once you have accessed the transcript, continue using the tab key to progress again to the slide navigation buttons.

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