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Life Study: Representations of Health and Disease

An exhibition of material from UCL's Biomedicine & Health Libraries, Special Collections and the UCL Art Collections. Opened by Professor Edward Byrne, Dean of UCL Biomedical Sciences, September 2007.

Images of exhibits from the exhibition

The close connection between art and medicine has long been recognised, from the skill of the anatomical illustrator to the beauty that can be perceived in both classical and modern representations of the body in health and disease states. Serving to educate both scientists and artists since ancient times, the progress of artistic and printing techniques can be traced in illustrations from early woodcuts to the fine detail of more recent lithographic and digital processes.

This exhibition celebrated the rich collection of rare and interesting medical books and illustrations at UCL's Biomedicine & Health Libraries and Special Collections, together with material from the UCL Art Collections. The selection provided a sense of the diversity of the collections that is an inspirational resource for teaching and research.