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Jolly Good Fellows

UCL and the Royal Society
Exhibition Showcase Letter of Application to the University of London An elementary treatise on the differential and integral calculus Continuous staircase Continuous staircase Continuous staircase X-Ray Photograph of diamond structure Dionysius Lardner Dorchester Marconi Beam Station Honorary medals awarded to John Ambrose Fleming William Matthew Flinders Petrie Dermatoglyphs Horsley's Gallipoli notebook Horsley's Gallipoli notebook Royal Society Certificate for Victor Alexander Haden Horsley Correspondence between Horsley and The War Office John Ambrose Fleming Kathleen Lonsdale Caricature of Lankester from Vanity Fair Notebook of Lankester's lectures Draft of letter from Kathleen Lonsdale to the Governor of Holloway Lionel Sharples Penrose Map of Marconi transatlantic wireless stations Image of one of the earliest x-rays Royal Society election certificate The pyramids and temples of Gizeh William Ramsay Scrapbook with photographs taken in Stockholm Ray Lankester Registration card for a class in Natural Philosophy Letter to Sharpey from the Royal Society Students' notes and diagrams on Sharpey's lectures on Anatomy and Physiology Students' notes and diagrams on Sharpey's lectures on Anatomy and Physiology Diffuse spots - Sodium Nitrate Tercentenary of the Foundation of the Royal Society Invitation Specification of Fleming's British Patent for the thermionic valve Plan of the triangulation of the survey of 1881 around the pyramids at Gizeh Victor Alexander Haden Horsley Victor Alexander Haden Horsley William Sharpey Interior of the Zoology Lab at University College London

About the exhibition

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The Royal Society officially dates its foundation to November 1660 when a group of learned men including Christopher Wren and Robert Boyle created "a Colledge for the Promoting of Physico-Mathematicall Experimentall Learning". 2010 marked 350 years of the Society, and to celebrate the occasion, this exhibition of material from UCL Library Services' Special Collections was created to focus on nine academics from UCL's past who were also Fellows of the Royal Society.

The exhibition ran until the end of 2010.