UCL Library Services



UCL Library Services provides you with access to 1000s of electronic books (e-books) which you can access both on- and off-site.

Quick answers to the most frequently asked questions about finding, accessing and using e-books can be found below. Our e-book website overview summarises information about each e-book website we use and you'll find more detailed information in our e-book guides. If you have any questions about e-books or problems using them then please contact us.

Finding and accessing e-books

How do I find and access e-books?
What is E-books on demand@UCL?
I linked to an e-book via the findit@UCL menu but the website won't give me access - what should I do?
How many people can read an e-book at the same time?
Why am I getting a 'session unavailable' message when I try to access an e-book?
Why am I being told that an e-book is already in use when I try to access it?
I'm only seeing the option "Add to queue" - what does this mean?

Copying & pasting and printing

Can I print and / or copy & paste content from e-books?
How do I print or copy & paste from a Dawsonera e-book?
I can only print one page at a time from Safari Books Online - what am I doing wrong?


Can I download content from e-books to my computer?
Can I download content from e-books to my tablet or phone?