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E-books on demand@UCL now offering Cambridge University Press e-books

Tue, 01 Sep 2015 11:54:03 +0000

19,000+ Cambridge University Press e-books available until 31st August 2016 – read the e-books you want and UCL Library Services will buy the most popular. For the next 12 months (1st September 2015 – 31st August 2016) UCL staff and students will have access to over 19,000 e-books published by Cambridge University Press via the […]


Online access to Loeb Classical Library now available

Tue, 04 Aug 2015 10:18:27 +0000

UCL now has online access to the Loeb Classical Library. The online version of Loeb Classical Library contains all the volumes in the series of Greek and Latin up-to-date texts with parallel English translations published since 1911. Fully searchable, there will be twice-yearly additions to this virtual library of all that is important in classical […]


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What is Explore?

Explore is UCL Library Services' single search tool for finding journals, books, full-text articles, archive material and much more. Whether you're looking for items on your reading list or information for a project or research, you'll find it in Explore and you get instant access to any full-text we subscribe to.

Explore contains the whole of the UCL library catalogue, but also much more besides.

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What content is available on Explore?

All resources
Search everything in Explore
Library catalogue
Printed and electronic book and journal titles held by UCL
Journal articles
A remotely-held catalogue of millions of electronic journal articles and other full-text e-resources
Digital collections
UCL Library Services' digital collections
UCL Discovery
Open access documents from UCL's publications repository
UCL Exam Papers
Electronic copies of UCL exam papers
UCL Archives
UCL's archives catalogue
UCL Journals
Journal titles to which UCL Library provides access, both print and electronic
UCL Reading Lists
Links to lists by course code or title

If you know you are looking for a particular type of material, we recommend limiting your search to that type of material before entering your search terms. E.g. if you know you are looking for a library book, select Library catalogue from the drop-down list before typing your search.

If you are looking for the most relevant information (of any type) on a particular topic, simply type your search terms into the box and then look at your results. You can later narrow down your search results by type of material (e.g. UCL library books) if you wish, simply by clicking on one of the links to the left of the results.

How are Explore's search results ranked?

Explore uses a complex ranking called ScholarRank which is tailored to the academic environment. It starts by ranking results according to the presence of your search terms in their author/title etc. Then it ranks materials more highly if they are known to be more well-respected/used by academic users.

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