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Latin Manuscripts

Manuscripts in Latin. This is a collection of individual items that has been added to over many years; the items have different provenances and are grouped together because they share a common language. Some items have bookplates or inscriptions indicating that they belonged at some time to the Phillipps or Graves libraries, but they did not come to UCL as part of the main acquisition of those collections. See also MS PHILL, MS GRAVES.


Graves Manuscripts

Manuscripts from the Graves Library, primarily on subjects relating to mathematics, geometry, algebra and astronomy.

Part of the Graves Library, bequeathed to UCL in 1870 by John Thomas Graves, Professor of Jurisprudence at UCL 1838-43. A book collector all his life, Graves maintained interests in the three separate studies of law, classics and mathematics. His library has been described as one of the most complete and valuable private libraries of its kind and consists of an extensive collection of early books, pamphlets and manuscripts principally devoted to the early mathematics but also including the history of physics, applied mathematics in all its branches and to a lesser extent chemistry and the biological sciences.


Ogden Manuscripts

Manuscripts purchased from the library of the linguist Charles Kay Ogden in 1953. Subjects include theology, law, language and literature. Paricular strengths of the collection are the early modern commonplace books and late 19th and early 20th century literary manuscripts.


German Manuscripts

Manuscripts in German, including dialects. The provenance of these manuscripts varies and they were not acquired as a single collection.