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UCL Records look after UCL’s institutional archive, books and other printed material connected with UCL’s history. This includes the archives of University College Hospital and Medical School.

A photograph from 1941; men stand in the main library, inspecting a large number of books that stand with their pages open, drying out after being soaked in water to prevent further fire damage after the bombing of UCL's main building.

The institutional archive consists of UCL’s records from its foundation in 1826 to the present day. It comprises over 1500 boxes, and 2000 volumes, as well as architectural drawings, card indexes, governance records, staff and student files, and records of general administration.

Accessing the Institutional Archive 

  1. Visit the online archive catalogue.
  2. Enter ‘UCLCA’ in the search box. This will allow you to view what has been catalogued.

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The collection is not yet fully catalogued online, so please contact us for further advice if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

UCL Archives are stored at UCL’s Bloomsbury campus and at The National Archive in Kew. Material can be viewed either at the Special Collections Reading Room in the South Junction of the Wilkins Building or in a dedicated reading room at The National Archives, depending where the collection is stored. Contact us for further details.

For further information on the subjects covered by UCL and IOE archives, see our subject guides page.

UCL Records also manage the Records Management programme for UCL staff. For more information on this, including UCL’s Records Management Policy, please visit our Records Office website.