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My Book about the potato

‘My Book about the potato’ by Julie McHarg (aged 8+), Dec 1978.

Baines Archive BA/1/9/25

Structured around ‘themes’ and ‘projects’, the Eynsham curriculum was also heavily focussed on environmental education, following the general trend in educational thinking that children learned best by discovery and through use of familiar objects in their every-day environment. Coupled with this was a strong emphasis on arts and crafts which had its roots in the work done by Marion Richardson and others in the 1930s. In support of this George Baines often quoted the William Morris tenet ‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’. Eynsham was therefore filled with displays that provided a view of the visual arts, and especially crafts, as the unifying activity of the curriculum.

This book, also from the Eynsham County Primary School, is eight year old Julie McHarg’s observations on potatoes. It is illustrated throughout, including with designs made from a potato stamp.

‘My Book about the potato’
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