Library Services


KPA 4: Systems, Collections and Processes


All UCL Library Services systems and platforms will support the Library’s mission, enhance the user experience, incorporate cutting-edge technologies and give value for money.


To increase the visibility of UCL’s collections to scholars; rare and unique collections and treasures will be curated to a recognised standard and made widely accessible.


To develop processes in support of an exceptional user experience, with service improvement initiatives informed by user feedback.

Actions & outcomes

SCP1Review the feasibility of replacing the Library’s digital repository infrastructure.Requirements and cost of a fit-for-purpose repository system will be documented, with a clear business case for the required funding.
SCP2Implement a service-wide enquiries management system.Enquiries management system in place and all relevant staff trained in its use.
SCP3Carry out a formal review of the platform underpinning the Readinglists @UCL service, recommending a fresh procurement round if appropriate.Reading list system delivers the optimum user experience for academic staff, students and support staff.
SCP4Present a business case to UCL for a move to electronic-by-default document management.UCL records are managed digitally through EDRM services, with relevant policies, training and support in place.
SCP5Conduct user experience research to ensure that Library Services maximises the potential service benefits of mobile technologies.Existing services improved for mobile users; new mobile-friendly services introduced.
SCP6Invest in commercial digitisation and licensing initiatives.New post created to ensure that opportunities for the digitisation of Library Services’ holdings are maximised; this includes collaboration with commercial and not-for-profit publishers, so that UCL holdings are made digitally available and Library Services generates additional income.

Invest in a programme of retrospective cataloguing so that off-site store holdings are fully disclosed.

All material at the Wickford Store is discoverable and requestable through the library catalogue.
SCP8Achieve TNA (The National Archives) accreditation for the UCL Archives Service.Accreditation criteria are reviewed and appropriate investment is sought to achieve accreditation.
SCP9Increase the accessibility of UCL’s early records.UCL’s early records support a range of digitisation and transcription initiatives, as a result of which they are increasingly accessible on-line.
SCP10Identify appropriate strategies for the long-term digital preservation of UCL Library Services’ digital holdings and related UCL digital assets.Digital preservation strategies identified to support the long-term stewardship of digital collections.
SCP11Carry out a review of acquisitions processes.Review of all responsibilities and workflows involved in selecting, acquiring, cataloguing, classifying and processing books (print and electronic) and related materials, with a focus on the user experience.

Design and implement library-wide processes for feedback management.

Feedback arising from all Library teams is routinely captured in a comprehensive and structured way.
SCP13Design and implement processes for monitoring and publishing the Library’s performance against agreed standards and KPIs.Standards and KPIs are defined, performance is monitored, measured and shared.
SCP14Investigate processes and possible sources of funding to enable innovation in service delivery.Resources (time and/or funds) are available to accomplish small projects to deliver change, innovation and service improvement.

KPA 4: Systems, Collections and Processes

Leader: Martin Moyle
Director of Services

KPA 4: Systems, Collections and Processes