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Sustainability in UCL Library Services

Information about how Library Services supports sustainability.

The Library Services Sustainability Committee co-ordinates the department’s sustainability initiatives. We are committed to:

  • promoting the most efficient use of energy in all areas of our operations
  • reducing the waste of energy wherever possible
  • reducing the amount of materials we use in doing our work
  • reusing those materials that have outlived their original purpose wherever we can
  • recycling as much of the used materials that cannot be reused as we can
  • working with UCL the Estates and Facilities Division, and all other departments throughout UCL to ensure that we conduct our business in the most environmentally sustainable way that we can.

UCL Green Impact 2020 award winners in UCL Library Services

Library Services takes part in the annual UCL Green Impact (an environmental accreditation and awards scheme run by the National Union of Students) and has achieved an incredible level of success this year, with 1 Bronze6 Silver and a staggering 11 Gold Awards for 2020.

  • The School of Slavonic and East European Studies Library.
  • Institute of Education Library;
  • Institute of Ophthalmology Library;
  • Main Library;
  • Science Library;
  • Senate House Hub;
  • Wickford Zero Waste.
  • Action on Hearing Loss and Ear Institute Library;
  • Bartlett Library;
  • Central Library Services;
  • Cruciform Hub;
  • Institute of Child Health Library;
  • Institute of Archaeology Library;
  • Queen Square Library;
  • Royal Free Medical Library;
  • School of Pharmacy Library;
  • Institute of Orthopaedics Library;
  • Language and Speech Science Library.

Congratulations to all the staff who were involved in improving our sustainability this year, and particularly to colleagues across sites who contributed to the department’s successful entries to the Green Impact scheme this year. 

Contacting the Library Services Sustainability Committee

Please contact the Chair of the Library Services Sustainability Committee if you have any questions or ideas for environmental sustainability in the Library, or would like to be involved in the Green Impact Scheme. We can make a difference if we all work together to create a greener UCL!

Please visit Green UCL's webpages for news about green initiatives across UCL and follow them on Twitter @GreenUCL.

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