Library Services


Communication, outreach and open access


UCL Library Services will for the first time draw up a Communication Strategy, which will co-ordinate and extend the considerable levels of communication activity that take place within the Library and between the Library and its many stakeholders.

In particular, we will be capitalising on newly-created opportunities for more effective and open engagement with the UCL student body and on the potential of UCL East to become a vibrant hub for library outreach to new communities.

We will maintain UCL's track record as a European leader in Open Scholarship by ensuring that UCL meets its Open Access commitments to the post-2020 REF and establishing the reputation of UCL Press as a publisher of high quality Open Access monographs, text books and journals.



  • Create and deliver an effective and engaging Communications Strategy for UCL Library Services.


  • Create a formal Strategy for Library-based communications and the audiences to whom these messages are aimed
  • Engage with student bodies, e.g. UCLU and the STARs library group on communication issues
  • Create an open, engaged Library community which communicates the Library Mission, Vision and achievements to targeted audiences
  • Create/identify internal Library communications channels


  • Raise awareness of UCL Library Services and its collections through increased outreach to external audiences.


  • UCL East at Stratford becomes hub for Library's work in outreach to new communities
  • Create agreed reporting framework and tools for reporting outreach activities to UCL and engagement activities to wider public
  • Volunteer Network (Library staff/externals) utilised for engagement activities to external audiencies
Open access


  • Raise UCL's global profile by further extending support for open scholarship.


  • REF 2020 Open Access requirements fully met
  • UCL Press becomes embedded in UCL
  • Advocate for resource for the creation of an Open Educational Resource (OER) repository as part of the UCL Education Strategy