Great 2 meet u IRL :-) Twitter and digital identity

22 March 2011

Thursday 17 March

Dr Claire Warwick, @clhw1 (UCL Centre for Digital Humanities, #UCLDH)

Is Twitter an ephemeral technology, consisting of mundane chat about people's personal lives? Or can a study of its use help us to understand how we express our identities on and offline? Can Twitter be used for professional or academic activity, and should we try to separate our public and private digital personae? This lecture addresses such questions, with the aid of slides of 140 characters and live tweets from the audience at UCL and on the internet.

This lecture marks 5th anniversary of Twitter on 21 March

Co authors: Melissa Terras, @melissaterras, #melissaterras (UCLDH); Claire Ross, @clairey_ross (UCLDH); Anne Welsh, @AnneWelsh (UCLDH)

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