QUCL - Research on Sexual and Gender diversity at UCL


LESG Project Advisory Group

This sub-working group of the UCL LGBTQ+ Equality Steering Group is overseeing a research project on Experiences of LGBTQ+ staff at UCL. 

Anson Mackay

I identify as a gay man, and I’ve been at UCL since 1992, first as a post-doctoral scientist, then lecturer-Reader-Professor. I’m based in Geography and undertake my research on freshwater ecosystems, mainly in Siberia. I helped set up our department’s student-staff LGBTQI+ network Out in Geography. Currently I’m also Vice Dean for EDI in the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences. I’ve been ‘out’ for all my career, and despite seeing major improvements in terms of equality, it is clear that LGBTQI+ rights are continually being challenged, especially for marginalised groups within our community. As a member of LESG I hope to be to help to keep fighting for our rights at UCL, as well as celebrating our achievements.   

Noel Caliste

I am Co-Chair of the LESG. I have been in my current role, Executive Assistant to the Pro-Vice Provost of Library Services at UCL since November 2018, having worked in the Higher Education sector for over 10 years. I am honoured to have the opportunity to represent the UCL LGBTQ+ community as a queer black person.  In recent years I have become very conscious of representation and visibility and want to take this opportunity to bring a differing perspective to the LGBTQ+ Equality Steering Group, to celebrate our differences, while educating and inspiring others around me, as I have been.

Asma Ashraf

I joined UCL in September 2013 as a research nurse. I also teach medical students about gender based violence and how to tackle this within healthcare professions. I really enjoy learning and teaching. I enjoy being able to have an idea, share it with a colleague at UCL and before you know it you can share it with a much larger audience and the public and it is about how we can be better humans. This has led to me organising a number of joint public events at UCL that I believe have helped others. Since working at UCL I have met so many people of diverse backgrounds and enjoy this inclusive attitude that continues to inspire me. I joined LESG in 2017 because I wanted to contribute to keeping UCL at the forefront of supporting LGBTQ+ individuals; living and working with likeminded people is great but I do believe we need to work towards supporting everyone that we can in being comfortable with gender and sexuality in London and beyond.

Ella Metcalfe

Deputy Director of the Natural Sciences Programme at UCL.

Fiona Leigh

I am a Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy and have previously worked at King's College London, and at Monash and Melbourne Universities in Australia. I specialise in Ancient Greek Philosophy, but also have interests in Ethics, Metaphysics and occasionally feminism and queer theory.

Niamh Connolly

Niamh Connolly is a lecturer in the Faculty of Laws, and a member of the staff steering committee of the Faculty's OutLaws network.

Edward Wild

I’m a Professor of Neurology at the Institute of Neurology, Associate Director of the Huntington’s Disease Centre, and a Consultant Neurologist at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. When I started university in 1996, the medical profession and academic medical research were both very hostile to gay or queer people. Thanks to successful and sustained campaigning, much has changed for the better in society over the past 25 years, and I am hugely fortunate have benefited from this progress to become a proud, openly gay senior academic and clinician. We cannot take anything for granted though, and our rights are constantly under attack. I particularly want to use my position and privilege to benefit others in the queer community who still need to be lifted up to true equality - especially our trans and BAME siblings, whose representation in academia needs dramatic and urgent improvement.

Michael Short

I’m an Associate Professor (Teaching) in Planning and Urban Conservation in the Bartlett School of Planning. I’m excited to work with LESG on a range of issues related to queer visibility amongst staff and students, ‘queering the curriculum’ to reflect the diversity of our perspectives and lived experiences, and to support the university’s agendas on diversity, inclusion and equity. In addition I’d particularly like to pursue work between academics, professional staff and students in advancing these interests.