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LDLRAP1 @ www.ucl.ac.uk/ldlr/LOVDv.1.1.0/
General information
Gene symbol: LDLRAP1
Chromosome Location: 1p36-35
Database location: www.ucl.ac.uk/ldlr/LOVDv.1.1.0/
Curator: Sarah Leigh
Date of creation: February 12, 2010
Last update: November 22, 2010
Version: LDLRAP1 101122
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Genomic reference sequence: LDLRAP1 reference sequence for describing allelic variants
Total number of allelic variants: 39
Number of unique allelic variants: 32
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Allelic variant tables
Complete allelic variant table: Listing of all allelic variants in the LDLRAP1 database
Summary tables: Summary of all allelic variants in the LDLRAP1 database, sorted by type of variant (with graphical displays and statistics)
Polymorphism table: Listing of all LDLRAP1 variants reported to have no noticeable phenotypic effect

Search the database
By type of variant: View allelic variant table after selecting one type of variant
Simple search: Query the database by selecting the most important variables (exon number, type of variant, disease phenotype)
Advanced search: Query the database by selecting a combination of variables

Links to other resources:
Entrez Gene (LocusLink) 26119
OMIM - gene 605747
OMIM - disease 603813 (ARH)

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