John Samuel Wanley Sawbridge Erle-Drax

MP (Conservative)


Described as a 'Derbyite' Conservative in 1859. His tenure written of by R. J. Richardson in 1859 as:

"Wareham. . . The joint property of J. H. Calcraft and J. W. S. E. Drax, who agree to return the above member, i.e. one of the joint proprietors. Calcraft sat in the parliaments of 1832, 1835, and 1837; Drax, in 1841, 1847, 1852, 1857, and 1859. Very pretty for a free country and purity of election, very!" According to Richardson, there were 342 registered electors in this 'scot-and-lot' borough.

R. J. Richardson, The lower house, or, the peers and aristocracy (London, G. Vickers, 1859), p. 47.

Elections / Constituences

Wareham Dorset
1841 - 1847 
Wareham Dorset
1859 - 1865 
Wareham Dorset
1868 - 1880