James Smith 5th of Craigend

Country house

Craigend Castle

Strathblane (Stirlingshire)

Built 30th Nov -0001


'Towards the end of last century, John Smith, the then laird, who was a West India proprietor and merchant in Glasgow, built a plain square house in lieu of the old residence of his forefathers; and soon after his death, James Smith, his son, built the present house, which includes part of the old one, from plans furnished by his cousin, James Smith, then younger of Jordanhill, and there has been no alteration since. The property of Craigend has been added to by purchases at various times. James Smith died in 1838, and was succeeded by his son John Smith, who sold the estate in 1851.' Old Country Houses of the Old Glasgow Gentry XXVI Craigend Castle

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