David Haim Henriques De Castro

29th May 1776 - 29th Apr 1802

Claimant or beneficiary


Awarded compensation with Eduard Isaac Asser (q.v.) as executors of executor of Joseph de la Pena and Curator of Aron Jacoba de Prado.

  1. According to an unsourced online family tree, David Haim Henriques De Castro was born on 29/05/1776 in Amsterdam, the son of Moses Henriques De Castro and E. De Pinto. He married Rachel Costa Gomes de la Penha in Amsterdam 29/04/1802 and died in Amsterdam 31/12/1844.


T71/885 British Guiana claim nos. 24 (Bloemhoff) and 130A & B.

  1. http://levie-kanes.com/familytree/f_cbb.htm [accessed 04/09/2012]. Another online family tree gives his mother as Abigael Machado: http://www.tzorafolk.com/genealogy/html/dat199.htm [acceddes 04/09/2012].

Further Information

Rachel Costa Gomes de la Penha
Moses, Ester, Daniel, Isaac (1807-1875), Gabriel, Elisa (1810-1870), Hanna, Judith, Sarah, Jacob, Rebecca, Abigael

Associated Claims (2)

£901 1s 8d
£4,387 1s 2d

Addresses (1)

Amsterdam, Netherlands