Elizabeth Stewart Maude (née Hay)

1804 - 22nd Aug 1878

Claimant or beneficiary


Counterclaimant as annuitant for £150 p.a. (under the will of James Laing) on Clark Hall, York Valley and Maccoucherie estates in Dominica.

  1. Daughter of David Stewart Hay of Perth Scotland. Married 1835 to Thomas Maude, curate of St Paul's Covent Garden, the author of The Travellers Lay (1830). In 1861 she was living at the rectory Elvington aged 57 (born Perth Scotland) with Thomas Maude aged 59 and three children. She died 22/08/1878 late of 8 Pulteney-buildings Melcombe Regis Dorset, effects £300.


T71/881 Dominica No. 318A&B, which shows her as aged 31 c. 1835., and Dominica Nos. 320A&B, 321 and 326 A&B.

  1. http://www.unl.edu/Corvey/html/Projects/Corvey%20Poets/MaudeThomas/MaudeTravellersBio.htmlT71/881 [accessed 23/04/2011]; Dominica 318A&B; CCEd [database online] Person ID: 18423, showing Thomas Maude dying at the rectory Elvington near York 18/07/1865 leaving £1000; National Probate Calendar 1879.

Further Information

Maiden Name
Rev. Thomas Maude
Arthur, Sibella, Wriothesley
Wealth at death

Associated Claims (4)

£1,384 3S 4D
Unsuccessful claimant
£3,034 19S 8D
Unsuccessful claimant
£1,188 0S 2D
Unsuccessful claimant
£2,698 4S 7D
Unsuccessful claimant (consensual)

Relationships (1)

Legatee → Testator
Notes →
In his will made in 1831 James Laing described Elizabeth Stewart Hay as his deceased wife's...

Addresses (2)

8 Pulteney-buildings, Malcombe Regis, Dorset, Wessex, England
Rectory, Elvington , York, Yorkshire, Yorkshire, England